The main objective is to create a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students to learn and practice various activities. Thus, it tries to

  • Give expression to students’ creative talents.
  • Provide encouraging atmosphere for Students to express personal views about whatever they choose.
  • Enhance students’ learning opportunities.
  • Engage them in cooperative tasks.
  • Envelope their awareness of themselves as individuals with special different talents & capacities.
  • Trigger their active involvement in learning and school life.

Interact Club
The Interact Club aims to recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity. It also creates an awareness of the importance of home and family, and it provides opportunities for gaining increased knowledge and understanding of community, national and world affairs.

Muisc Club
Music is a universal language. It communicates love, understanding, hatred, compassion and a myriad other emotions.

Muisc Club aims to hone the creativity and innate talent of students with regard to music. It helps the students to understand different form of styles of music for all parts of the world.

English & Reading Club
The English Club is for those who wish to develop their skills in communication especially in the following aspects: reading, speaking, and listening. It also encourages artistic and literary expression and appreciation. It hones critical thinking and research work among its members.

Health & Wellness Club
The Health & Wellness Club influences the habits’, attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community. This club modifies behaviour towards the attainment of optimum health